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Becoming a Better Equestrian Off the Saddle


If you take equestrianism seriously, you’ll probably agree that an equestrian is an athlete. A comprehensive strategy is required if you want to improve your performance. Riders may enhance their talents in the saddle by spending time focusing on their form while they are not riding. This is similar to how tennis players and swimmers spend time perfecting their technique when they are not actually competing.

Whenever it comes to equestrianism, it is much more essential to look at how much you can do while you are away from the yard, in addition to purchasing new equipment such as quality tack for your horses, and ensuring that they are wearing the correct types of glue on horseshoes. The following are a few suggestions that will assist you in becoming a better rider without even requiring you to mount a horse:

1. Go to the gymnasium- It should come as no surprise that improving your fitness and strength will result in noticeable gains in your riding ability. We are all aware that riding in and of itself is excellent exercise and we certainly do not “just sit there,” but the improvements in strength and fitness that you make by participating in other activities will only serve to your advantage.

When you visit the gym, you should try to conduct a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Swimming is a wonderful alternative to running, which has the benefit of improving cardiovascular fitness but may be taxing on the joints.

Bodyweight exercises are another option for strength training, which eliminates the need to use free weights. To get the most out of your workout, you should focus on improving your core strength and balance.

2. Control your diet- We are aware that this is a challenging task! Because of the early mornings, late evenings, and spending all of your spare money on horsey gear, it can be enticing to grab a chocolate bar on the way to the stables or to order takeout because you’re too tired to cook. However, resisting these temptations will help you get the most out of your hobby.

If you want to be successful as a rider, you need to take excellent care of yourself and ensure that you not only ingest enough to maintain your strength and energy but that you also provide yourself with a healthy mix of vitamins and minerals so that you are able to ward off exhaustion and disease.

3. Invest in some mental coaching for yourself- The mental toughness and positive outlook of top performers set them apart from the remainder of the field and help them achieve their goals. Riders can benefit from mental training in a variety of ways, including the enhancement of their productivity both in the saddle and at home. And whether you choose to accept it or not, psychological coaching is beneficial for riders of all disciplines and abilities. But equestrianism especially is a sport that can be particularly emotionally challenging.

Mcauley Herring
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