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Benefits of Schema Therapy


There are so many mental health conditions that can be improved with the practice of schema therapy. It draws from many therapies and techniques to create a unique method of coping for people who are dealing with complex mental health conditions.

If you are wondering what is schema therapy? it refers to an integrative therapy that will help people recognise their negative patterns of behaviour and thinking. This can help them to make a change in their thinking and behaviour once they practice the techniques of schema therapy with a professional. Emotional regulation is something that can be difficult for some people and you may find yourself being overwhelmed with emotion due to certain triggers. You may not know what these triggers are and in schema therapy, the therapist will work with you to unearth what these triggers are. And this will help you create and develop better coping strategies to regular your emotions. If you are suffering from a schema of abandonment, you will find yourself faced with fear and anxiety in situations that are triggering this. For example, forming and maintaining relationships can be difficult for you because of this schema. But once you start practising coping mechanisms that are effective for this schema, you will be able to reduce the effect of this schema on your life.

Mental health conditions can affect our relationships with others.

But with schema therapy, you can identify what you are doing to push other people away and what your negative thinking patterns are related to this. And it can be effective in creating positive ways of interaction. If you are an individual that is deeply mistrusting of other people, it can be very hard to form meaningful relationships. But with schema therapy, you will be able to identify why you may be feeling this way and how you can improve the way you think and interact. This will allow you to trust others more. The results of schema therapy cannot be obtained overnight and it requires consistent commitment so that you can slowly improve how you view life and interact with others.

If your self-esteem

Has been affected by your schemas and you suffer from feelings of inadequacy, you can identify this and acknowledge it at the same time developing more positive ways of thinking. And you will also gradually improve your self-awareness. You will have a better understanding of your feelings, thinking and behavioural patterns. This will allow you to think about why you are doing a certain action or thinking something when it is bringing a negative effect on your life. By understanding your life experience, you will be able to build better experiences and relationships. There are many long term benefits you can enjoy once you start schema therapy. This is a long term approach that you will have to stick with to ensure that deep seated negative thinking and behavioural patterns are altered for better emotional wellbeing. Your therapist will be able to tailor the treatment according to your unique requirements and goals instead of going with a one-size-fits-all approach. And this allows them to address the specific schemas you are struggling with.

Mcauley Herring
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