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Considerations before Choosing a Private School


There are many important decisions you will have to make as a parent and one of them is choosing a school for your child. Your child will spend their formative years at school and the school value system along with their experience can impact their life largely.

In this article, we are looking at the considerations for choosing a private school. The cost is a big factor in which school you can choose. There are many costs that come with private schools with the major cost being tuition and additional costs being buying textbooks, uniforms and participating in extracurricular activities. You need to consider the overall cost per year to get an idea of whether it is affordable to you. However, private schools also offer scholarships that your child can benefit from. When compared to public schools, private schools Brisbane tend to have different educational philosophies and curriculums and you need to carry out some thorough research before you make the decision. Some of the things you need to account for are your child’s interests and their skills. You can look into curriculums that include many subject areas that your child is interested in so that they find a passion for learning.

Consider how different schools approach their education and whether their values align with your family. This way, your child will be able to grow up in an environment that has the same values and beliefs. You can also research religious private schools that can guide your child spiritually as well as academically. When you visit the official website of the school, check their teaching methods, mission statement and their academic standards. Private schools generally have smaller class sizes so that children receive personalised attention from teachers. But you need to check the qualifications of the teachers at the school along with their experience to assure yourself that your child is learning from qualified educators. You can also reach out to the school to ask about their selection criteria for teachers.  Check the reputation and accreditations of the private schools you are considering to get an idea of their quality standards.

There is a wider range of extracurricular activities available in private schools providing your child with plenty of opportunities to pursue their interests. While private schools may not have the same diversity as public schools as a result of the higher costs, you need to check how inclusive the school is and whether they have initiatives to promote diversity. And think about how your child will be travelling to school whether it is commuting using public transport or personal vehicle. The commute time will be longer if the school is located further away and you will also have to check if they provide after-school care. There is a high level of parental involvement expected in private schools whether it is for school events, fundraising, volunteering etc. So you should consider whether you are able to commit and become an engaged member of the school community.

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