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Essential Clothing for Newborns


The variety of items you will have to buy when there is a baby on the way can be tremendous. One category of items that you will need to purchase is baby clothing in addition to diapers, bouncers, car seats etc.

You can select a few basics for the first few weeks and after this

You will have a better idea of what to get for the baby. Maybe there are certain materials that are irritating to their skin or there can be certain clothing items that are difficult to put on and remove. There are many online shops dedicated to babies and mothers such as Peachymama. These will carry so many options for newborn clothes. One such essential you will come across will be sleepsuits. These are also known as onesies. Your baby will be sleeping a lot in the first few months so dressing them in comfortable sleepwear will be a very good idea. There are zips or poppers on the front of the onesies that allow you to change the baby easily no matter what time of the day or night. If you are going outdoors with your baby, you can use bodysuits. But it is a good idea to dress your baby in layers in case you need to remove a layer or two to get them comfortable. You can actually find cardigans that are designed for babies. These come with elastic waistbands. You will also need to select booties to keep the little feet warm. Choose a hat in a neutral colour that will go with anything.

Bodysuits can be worn during any time of the day and this is usually worn as an additional layer under clothing to keep the little one warm. These come with different necklines and materials. You can select a few bodysuits in different colours so that you can alternate outfits. You will also need some comfortable towels for bath time. A large absorbent towel can keep them warm while allowing you to dry them. Look for baby towels that come with a hood that will keep the little one warm and toasty. You will need some muslins as well to mop up any spills or messes. Babies can be incredibly messy and having some muslins at hand will help you deal with anything. You can also swaddle the baby with a muslin as long as you have mastered the technique.

Swaddling a baby may be a little challenging on the first few tries.

 Babies tend to wriggle a lot so getting them into a roll of fabric will be harder than it looks on online tutorials. But this has been made a lot easier on you with the invention of swaddle bags. These will not need you to master a new technique or find the right materials. You can simply zip your baby in it and keep them warm and cosy. There are also sleeping bags that are designed for the baby. This will not be kicked off like a cover or blanket. The bag will fasten around the baby and keep them safe so they can sleep a long time in more regulated conditions.

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