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Fabric vs. Leather Sofas Which One Should You Choose?


Choosing the right material for your sofa can take some consideration. You should think through not just the print and colour and thickness but also factors such as how well the chosen material suits the requirements of your family. For example, if you allow your pet to use the sofa then the material you choose should take into consideration the scuffing and fur and dander you will be cleaning off the sofa regularly. Similarly, if you have young children, you need to consider the occasional liquid and food spills.

Because design and colour motivate us more than functionality, you may have already decided on a leather corner lounge simply because you think it will look great in your living room, however, before you take the plunge and purchase it, consider the following factors to ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake with your sofa material.

Different material hastheir unique characteristics, be their durability, weatherproof or stain resistance and different material wear differently over time. Making an informed decision will help you make a choice you are happy with for several years to come. You can choose from a range of natural fibres such as linen, silk, cotton and leather or synthetic man-made fibres which are better at stain resistance like polyester, nylon and vinyl.

Choosing the best material for your sofa means, setting aside style, pattern, colour and design to give priority to how your family typically uses the sofa. After considering, you candecide on going with fabric or leather and then decide on the specific type of fabric or leather. Here are some factors to consider.

If you have pets, and young children then choose a material that can hold up to their activities and messes on the sofa. You will consider the level of comfort, amount of maintenance required and durability depending on how you plan to use your sofa – only for entertaining, regular use to watch TV and TV dinners or napping during the day. You need to give thought to the overall design aesthetic of your living room and home as well to make sure your sofa material is in sync with the theme that is going on in the rest of the home.If family members are prone to allergies, you should consider a material that is easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Fabric sofas are less expensive than leather, comfortable and available in a variety of designs making it easier to find a sofa that can blend well with the decorating theme of your living room. However, fabric is not durable and can also be difficult to maintain because of easy staining. Leather while more luxurious and elegant than fabric is more expensive. It is durable and will last you a long time if maintained well. A drawback with leather is that it can become warm or cold similar to the environment, it is therefore not suitable during cold or warm weather if your room is not temperature controlled.

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