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How to Extend the Life of Your Dentures?


If you are wearing dentures, you will understand that it is an investment in your oral health. And there are many things you can do to maintain them and prolong their effectiveness. When you are first consulting with your dentist for dentures, they will inform you of how you need to care for the dentures and how often you need to come for a check-up.

You need to keep in mind that dentures are very fragile and if you don’t handle them properly or drop them, they can be easily damaged. High quality dentures can be quite costly so you need to make sure you are very careful in handling your dentures. When you are handling them such as removing them at night to brush your gums, you first need to keep a soft surface underneath. If you are doing this over the sink, you need to place a towel below so that even if the dentures fall, they will not get damaged.

Make sure a soft surface is always maintained when you are cleaning dentures, removing or putting them in. You need to clean dentures every day. You have to think of them as an extension of your teeth. You will be eating and drinking with your dentures on so it is very important that you brush and clean them thoroughly. You can use a soft brush for this. There is denture cleaner that is designed specifically for this but you can also use a gentle soap. Make sure you don’t use any harsh cleaners as this can damage the dentures.

Once you have cleaned the dentures,

They need to be properly rinsed with water so that any residue is removed. Another important fact in denture care is soaking them overnight. You need to use a denture cleaning solution for this. You should always make sure that your dentures don’t dry as this can cause the acrylic material to become brittle. This will lead to the dentures cracking or splitting. You will need to replace the old dentures if this happens. The dentures can also lose their shape when they dry out. Other benefits of soaking the dentures are that you can get rid of odours, stains and bacteria growth. This will extend the life of your dentures.

Even if you have full dentures and no teeth,

You need to make sure that you practice good oral hygiene. You need to use a soft-bristled brush to clean your tongue palate and gums. This has to be done every time before you insert the dentures and after you take them out. You can ask your dentist for recommendations on which products to use. You should also visit your dentist regularly as they can check for any issues with your mouth or remaining teeth. If there are issues with the fit of the dentures they can make adjustments so that you are more comfortable wearing it. You should also take care not to eat sticky or hard food as these can damage your dentures.

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