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Tips for Introducing Yoga Classes in the Workplace


It can be a great idea to introduce yoga classes to the workplace. This can improve employee wellbeing and it can offer employees a way to manage stress and anxiety. Having yoga sessions in the workplace will encourage employees to relax and recharge. These sessions will have a positive impact on their physical and mental health as well.

It is important to consult with your team before you launch the yoga classes

They may have certain concerns about the programme. For example, there can be team members who have disabilities and they may not be able to fully participate in the programme. But once you have a good idea of their concerns, you can contact the yoga instructor and ask for their recommendations on how to provide workable solutions. For example, you can ask about their experience working with people who have injuries or disabilities. Ask them about how they will adapt the yoga class to include these individuals as well so that a more inclusive yoga class can be created. This will consider different levels of abilities and skills. Having a flexible class such as this will encourage more and more employees to take part as well.

You can select a company or yoga instructor that specialises in providing corporate yoga classes. You need to communicate properly when organising a yoga class by giving your team plenty of notice. You can share information about the class such as the duration, where it will take place, intensity level along with any special requirements. This will give the employees plenty of time to plan around their schedule and you can also have a promotion programme that will lead up to the actual day which can build up hype about the event.

This can be done through office communication channels and you can promote the benefits of yoga. Make sure that everyone is informed about the right equipment to have. There may be those who haven’t tried yoga before and letting them know this beforehand will be very helpful. You can provide suggestions on comfortable clothing that will not hinder yoga practice.

Not everyone will have yoga mats so you can have some extra mats for anybody who needs it

Make sure to let everyone know that spare equipment will be available so that anybody is able to come and try out the class without having to purchase new things. You also need to let everyone know the importance of being hydrated throughout the class. There can be water dispensers nearby that can encourage everyone to drink water. There should also be a comfortable space for the class that is free from distractions.

Look for a space that is well lit and ventilated. And there has to be sufficient space to accommodate everyone. It is important to research the yoga instructors that you are planning to invite. Check whether they have experience with different skill levels and whether they are able to adapt the class according to the needs of the participants. You need to verify their qualifications beforehand.

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